JWH/WP 4÷40 S/K/P

Watercooled Heat Pumps with Rotary/Scroll compressor and plate exchangers

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The JWH/WP 4÷40 S/K/P Heat Pumps, with R410A refrigerant, are designed for small and medium domestic or industrial systems which require medium-low power, space-saving units and quiet operation. These units are ideal for indoor installation and, equipped with a self-contained structure, they reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum while making installation and maintenance operations easier.
These units can be combined with Fan Coil units or with intermediate heat exchangers for process cooling applications.
Equipped with prepainted plate structure, Rotary/Scroll compressor and plate exchangers, these units have cooling and hydraulic circuits complete with everything necessary for quick installation and high energy efficiency, even in tank and pump version.
A wide range of accessories, factory fitted or supplied separately, complete the outstanding versatility and functionality of the series.
The units are compliant to the ErP Regulation.


  • JWH/WP - Reversible Heat Pump
  • JWH/WP/SP - Reversible Heat Pump with tank and pump

Power range

  • 4.6-49.0 kW
  • 1.3-14.0 Ton


  • Self-supporting prepainted steel frame.
  • Rotary/Scroll compressor with internal overheat protection and crankcase heater, if needed.
  • Condenser AISI 96 stainless steel braze welded plates type, with pressostatic valve.
  • Evaporator AISI 96 stainless steel braze welded plates type, complete with water differential pressure switch.
  • R110A refrigerant.
  • Water circuit for SP version includes: insulated tank, circulating pump, safety valve, gauge and expansion vessel.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch with door lock device, fuses, compressor and pump remote control switch.
  • Microprocessor control and regulation system.

Factory fitted accessories

  • BT Low water temperature kit
  • PS Single circulating pump
  • FE Antifreeze heater for evaporator
  • FA Antifreeze heater for tank

Loose accessories

  • CR Remote control panel
  • IS Modbus RTU protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • VV Pressure valve and solenoid valve (for WP versions)
  • AG Rubber shock absorbers
CoolingCooling capacity (1)kW4,65,87,18,39,611,614,317,120,023,027,733,639,749,2
Absorbed power (1)kW1,11,41,82,02,32,93,44,14,85,56,87,99,311,5
EER (1)4,184,143,944,154,174,004,214,174,174,184,074,254,274,28
Cooling (EN14511)Cooling capacity (1)kW4,65,77,08,29,511,514,217,019,822,827,533,339,448,8
Absorbed power (1)kW1,21,52,02,22,53,23,74,45,26,07,48,710,112,1
EER (1)3,833,703,473,803,783,583,803,863,793,793,723,833,924,03
HeatingHeating capacity (2)kW5,97,28,810,412,514,917,520,824,328,433,839,847,059,5
Absorbed power (2)kW1,41,72,22,53,03,54,35,46,17,08,210,111,714,4
COP (2)4,214,244,004,164,174,264,073,853,984,064,123,944,024,13
Heating (EN14511)Heating capacity (2)kW5,16,78,49,811,913,717,119,722,526,331,837,944,556,4
Absorbed power (2)kW1,51,82,52,83,73,94,55,66,37,28,910,812,415,2
COP (2)3,383,643,313,513,253,563,813,503,593,673,563,503,583,71
SCOP (3)4,204,153,854,184,314,384,343,954,054,054,313,944,184,28
Energy Efficiency (3)%160158146159164167166150154154164150159163
Energy Class (4)A++A++A+A++A++A++A++A+A++A++A++A+A++A++
EvaporatorWater flowl/s0,220,280,340,400,460,550,680,820,961,101,321,611,902,35
Pressure dropskPa2130442630454229404748604954
Water connections"G1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"
CondenserWater flowl/s0,070,090,110,120,140,170,210,250,300,340,410,500,580,73
Pressure dropskPa345681058101320212222
Water connections"G1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50400/3+N/50
Max. running currentA81013141622911141518202329
Max. starting currentA37436262758650717474142142147197
Unit SP versionsWater flowl/s0,220,280,340,400,460,550,680,820,961,101,321,611,902,35
Pump available static pressurekPa40333855503512813110093187160131155
Tank water volumel50505050505050505050100100100100
Water connections"G1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"
Sound pressureSTD/SP version (5)dB(A)3939393941434344454749495050
WeightsTransport weight (6)kg858688929699102106108110209218224240
Operating weight (6)kg8687899397100104108110112212221227243




  • 1 Chilled water from 12 to 7 °C, water temperature at the condenser from 15 to 35 °C.
  • 2 Heated water from 40 to 45 °C, water temperature at the evaporator from 15 to 10 °C.
  • 3 Seasonal energy efficiency of heating at low temperature with average climatic conditions. According to EU Regulation n. 813/2013.
  • 4 Seasonal energy efficiency class of heating at low temperature with average climatic conditions. According to EU Regulation n. 811/2013.
  • 5 Sound pressure level measured in free field conditions at 1 m from the unit. According to ISO 3744.
  • 6 Unit without tank and pump.
  • N.B. (1) Weights of WP versions are specified on technical brochure.