ARC 4141÷5282 Y

Remote aircooled Condensers with axial fans

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These Remote aircooled Condensers with axial fans are designed to be combined with evaporating units with R134a refrigerant.
These units, available in three configurations depending on the level of noiselessness required, Standard, Silenced and Super silenced, are equipped with latest generation axial fans, with motor fan shrouds having a large radius of curvature to eliminate all the air flow turbulence and with larger plenum to uniform the air distribution on the cooling coil.
The units, except the V shaped ones, can be installed with either horizontal or vertical air delivery, as needed and can be equipped with high efficiency EC fans.
On request, units can be supplied for R513A refrigerant.


  • ARC - Cooling only unit with horizontal air flow
  • ARC/EC - Cooling only units with horizontal air flow and EC Inverter fans
  • ARC/VX - Cooling only unit with vertical air flow
  • ARC/EC/VX - Cooling only unit with vertical air flow and EC Inverter fans

Power range

  • 21.0-124 m³/s
  • 44266-262421 Cfm


  • Frame in oven painted with a polyurethane resin and galvanised steel casework.
  • The cowlings of the motorfans are made with a wide bending radius to eliminate any turbulence in the air flow.
  • Heat exchanger is made with corrugated tubes with a greater heat exchange surface, fins cut with a special louver configuration to give the best external coefficient of heat exchange.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch, fuses, fans wiring, terminals for external connections, fans speed controller via 0-10V signal.
  • Electrical board (EC versions) includes: main switch, automatic circuit breakers, fans wiring, terminals for external connections, therminals for 0-10V signal for fan speed control.
FanAir flowm³/s20,926,131,339,136,549,764,575,286,079,696,7102111124
ConnectionsInØ mm64647676762 x 642 x 762 x 762 x 762 x 762 x 762 x 762 x 762 x 76
OutØ mm42424254542 x 422 x 422 x 542 x 542 x 542 x 642 x 642 x 642 x 64
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50
Absorbed powerkW7,29,010,812,612,618,021,625,228,828,834,334,339,257,6
Absorbed currentA15,619,523,427,327,339,046,854,662,462,472,872,883,2115
Sound pressureSTD version (1)dB(A)5758595858616161626266666772
WeightsTransport weightkg9451168139214971615182920172349268129074851456754845484




  • 1 Sound pressure level measured in free field conditions at 10 m from the unit. According to ISO 3744.
  • N.B. (1) Combinations are made at condensing temperature 50 °C, ambient air temperature 35 °C.
  • N.B. (2) Clearance areas are specified on installation, use and maintenance manual.